There are many diseases and conditions that are better treated with the help of a compounding pharmacist. Although we try to provide enough information to help patients make the most informed decision possible, we cannot list all medical conditions we can help with. Please don’t hesitate to call us at (318) 927-3523 if there are any questions about medications we carry, delivery methods we can provide, or anything else! We strive to make personalized medication a pain-free experience for all our patients and practitioners and welcome requests for anything we don’t already provide.

If you’re tired of unnecessary side effects, allergic reactions to ingredients, dosages that aren’t quite right, or delivery methods that aren’t optimal, we can create a better experience for you by personalizing thousands of combinations of medications and routes.

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Diabetes Homer, LA


Diabetes can be a demanding, exhausting disease. At Claiborne Pharmacy, our goal is to help customize your treatment to fit your individual needs and preferences. We also offer free counseling to help you manage your medication, become as comfortable as possible with its administration, and to answer any questions you may have.

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Home Healthcare

Whether you have questions about how to administer your medication, dosing, or potential side effects, we can help you be most prepared for your at-home care. Our highly trained team is here to help assist you in any way we can so you can feel confident when taking your medication.

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MedsOnCue is a quick and easy way to learn about your medications anytime, anywhere! Watch our video to learn more about how to use meds on cue and the many benefits it can bring to you.

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